Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin !

Well it is finally almost here, the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show, only five days left. I will be driving and taking three other knitting fanatics with me. We live about two hours away, but we are planning on leaving before dawn. Of course this brings raised eyebrows to all of those who really don't understand what a big day this will be for us. I have told other non-knitter friends that I will be going to the show and the usual response is, "the what" to which I answer "only the largest yarn/sheep/fleece and everything else there is go with yarn show". Again I usually get a shake of the head and maybe an "ok", like it is no big deal.
This will be my fourth year going to the show. My first year as we were driving and getting closer a car passed us and my friend noticed a yarn related bumper sticker. Well from there the race was on, she was telling me to drive faster. Then they were joking with me since it was my first year I would have to drink sheep's blood. Of course that was only a joke, no sheep were slaughtered for that purpose. This year there is a another sheep and wool show virgin, so I guess we will have to tell her of the ritual at least on our way there to have some fun.
Well as stated before let the countdown begin !

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gypsyknits said...

"Let the countdown begin"....yep! 4 days left (not counting today, of course)

Oh I forgot about the sheep's blood. Ah yes, we will have to introduce her in the proper fashion.........LOL

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait..........