Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Independence Day!

Me: c129 Cumberland
Dispatch: Go ahead
Me: 10-42 (ending tour of duty)
Dispatch: 10-4 ( acknowledgement)…

And so ended my 19 ½ years as a police officer. I fell and injured my knee, while at work, no it was not a dramatic story, just clumsiness, and being too busy. The injury was enough that I could not continue my career so I have retired from being a police sergeant, on a disability, at the age of 41.

This should give me plenty of time to knit and spin up stash before I die. That statement would be true if only those balls, skeins, and hanks of yarn would quit following me home.
Hopefully I will also be able to keep this blog updated at least a little more often.

So to everyone, Happy Independence Day, but for me this year it has a different meaning!


gypsyknits said...

Woo-Hoo!!!!! Yarn trips here we come!!!! LOL
OOPS! You're supposed to be knitting and spinning the stuff not buying more of it. Oh well, I'm only an enabler.
I certainly hope you can keep this blog updated, I'm sure tired of seeing the previous post everytime I visit. LOL

petsknit said...

I'm wondering. How do those balls of yarn keep following a person home? I'm thinking we have magnets some where. They keep following me also. The stash is getting larger instead of smaller.
Happy 4th. Ann